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Some Grand Blanc chiropractors are interested in offering temporary relief. But at Jackson Chiropractic Clinic PC, we want to influence our Grand Blanc chiropractic patients’ beliefs about health. We help people see that health is part of a body-mind-soul connection, and not simply treating symptoms.

Grand Blanc chiropractor, Dr. Jackson explains, “My purpose is to glorify God by enlightening people to the wisdom of a chiropractic lifestyle with the intent of empowering their beliefs toward valuing their health and therefore choosing to live a higher standard of well-being, physically, mentally and spiritually.”

For over 35 years, Jackson Chiropractic Clinic PC has provided unsurpassed chiropractic care to our patients. In addition to our decades of experience, we offer state-of-the-art technology to assist in achieving your personal health goals, including laser technology, advanced diagnostic techniques and certification in spinal disc injuries.

For a chiropractor in Grand Blanc who can help you achieve true health, rather than just temporary relief of symptoms, give us a call today!

Statement of Purpose

"My purpose is to glorify God by enlightening people to the wisdom of a chiropractic lifestyle with the intent of empowering their beliefs toward valuing their health and therefore choosing to live a higher standard of well being; physically, mentally, spiritually."

"Helping sick & hurting people get their life back & their BACK to life"

"Restore and protect a higher quality of life through the wisdom of a chiropractic lifestyle.

"It's your future, be there healthy with Jackson Chiropractor."

Jackson Chiropractic Clinic PC: Your Unique Wellness Care Center

We offer 35 years of experience at Jackson Chiropractic Clinic PC. Some of the people we help our chiropractic care:

  • Mothers stop here on their way home from hospital to have their new baby checked for spinal problems occurring in the birth process.
  • Athletes get checked on their way to games to maximize their performance.
  • Elderly periodically check in here to assume their retirement is fun; not just survival.
  • Baby boomers get wellness care here to maintain their youth so as not to become their parents who became old long before they should have.

Chiropractor Charles Jackson D.C.

Chiropractor Grand Blanc Charles Jackson About

Dr. Charles Jackson received his Doctorate in 1978. He chose to serve the Grand Blanc / Flint region and establish Jackson Chiropractic Clinic PC because his family was located here.

Giving a temporary relief was not an interest to Dr. Charles Jackson. His goal was to influence a person’s belief system to value health in body-mind-soul. Proof of need and proof that a health value has occurred interests this chiropractor in Grand Blanc. Therefore we use many high tech measurements in helping a person. "I am in the belief changing business and realize that involves a lifetime relationship relative to a world of un-health" states Dr. Jackson.

I had to fall out of the sky to personally experience a better quality of life. I had a sports injury in college (sky diving accident!) that had hurt me bad enough to schedule me for a back surgery. My mother said ‘let’s try a chiropractor’, against the wishes of the medical staff. Within a month I was back on the sports field … and with a new attitude of what I wanted to do in my life for humanity.

I have attended Flint Community College, Ferris State College, Michigan State University and University of Michigan. I have always enjoyed the science field, but the special areas of biomechanical engineering (how the human body works) and neurological physiology captivated my heart and led me to complete a fellowship in biomechanical engineering. It is fascinating to detect and correct a spine/neurology function and then observe health be restored.

My Purpose as a Chiropractor
At my Grand Blanc Chiropractic office the purpose for all I care for is to move that person toward homeostasis, which means to move them toward health. Many people I meet for the first time have a symptom or pain they are dealing with. Of course I want to help them relieve pain and we have many advanced technologies to achieve relief in the quickest way possible. But it never made sense to me to JUST offer a way of relief to someone. I always felt it was more important to correct the cause or the ‘why’ they were hurting in the first place.

I want to help people move toward a higher quality of life in body - mind – soul… not just give them a temporary patch job. I strive to help people change their personal belief system from “health equals no pain” (a false definition made up by the pharmaceutical industry) to “I choose how well I eat – move – think knowing any choice I make affects my well being. I want my body to work 100%, 100% of the time and not judge my health based on the absence of disease or infirmities” (health definition by World Health Organization)

On a Personal Note
I will directly state that I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior while I was over seas serving our country. My loving wife Evelyn, of almost 4 decades, is truly an inspiration in my life. She is our church choir director and pianist. She is a wonderful mother to our 3 sons and grand mother to our 2 grand sons. All of which still live in the area. My personal hobbies are playing drums and shooting hand guns … what a combination. I sing in choir and groups along with serve in several church roles. I often will absolutely loose myself in Drum and Bugle Corps shows. I think I am a fanatic in that world. I marched myself in college and so did my son in his first years of college.

Some of the most fun I have is helping people see the good qualities in themselves. To cause a smile or a good feeling about themselves is quite rewarding to me.

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting with you in person and learning how chiropractic can fit into your health care goals. Give our Grand Blanc chiropractic office a call or send us an email and we can arrange a time to explore your options!

Our Staff is Dedicated to Your Health

Brooke has been part of the Jackson Chiropractic Clinic PC team for 12 years and Brenda for 6 years. Both have certification training in financial services, insurance and office technology. Both Brooke and Brenda are family women with a positive experience in chiropractic and the needs of people.

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